4 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Fish!

Many people view fish as being tricky to cook. And sometimes it does seem that way. So here’s some pointers as to what could be going wrong and how you can put them right and cook perfect fish every time.

Start With Very Fresh Fish

Firstly it all starts with the raw ingredients. In order to get the best results, the fish must be absolutely fresh. Anything less and you have handicapped yourself before you even got out of the gate!

Fish needs to be ultra fresh because it degrades much more quickly than meat. When fish degrades it falls apart. There is hardly any connective tissue between the muscle in fish. This is one of the reason it flakes so beautifully when cooked. But it’s also the reason it will fall apart when it’s been hanging around too long.

Avoid Too Much Salt

Marinades can impart bags of flavour, but they can also be the undoing of your fish. The culprit is salt. Salt breaks down proteins which is great if you want to tenderise meat. But all you will do to your fish is make it fall apart because as already explained, it’s much more delicate with less connective tissue than meat.

Best advice is to not over soak in marinade. 30 minutes is plenty. Aso, use a very low salt marinade and then season with salt at the end of cooking.

Stop Messing With It!

All that shuffling the fish around in the pan and keep flipping it over does it no good whatsoever. This is another sure fire way of ending up with bits of fish on your plate rather than a nice perfectly cooked fillet. You should only really flip the fish once in the pan.

Get The Cooking Time Right.

This is possibly the hardest one of our key points to crack. Fish can vary in size and thickness, all of which will have a bearing on cooking time. But even when you have that all worked out, theres one factor that most people have no clue about and that is the correct way to judge when your fish is done.

We have all been taught to cook fish until it flakes. In fact, if you cook fish until it flakes, you will end up with overcooked fish by the time you serve it. This is because it keeps on cooking even when you have turned off the heat.

best way to cook fish to perfection is to cook it until just before that point then remove it from the heat to rest for a couple of minutes while you dish up any accompaniments. The fish will finish off very slowly in the pan and be absolutely perfect when you serve it.

You can test it gently with a fork when you think it’s getting somewhere near being cooked.

So we hope these tips have helped you iron out anything that is going wrong with your fish cookery. Why not check our some of our fish in our shop, it comes ready filleted, prepared and for most fish, it’s all cut to the same size to make judging cooking time super easy. https://fishfabulousfish.co.uk/product-category/fish/

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