Faroe Island Salmon

Salmon – The Good The Bad And The Ugly.

Atlantic salmon can be the most amazingly melt in the mouth rich buttery fish. It can also be mushy, dry and flavourless. So how do you make sure you get the best salmon that flakes beautifully and tastes divine? 

Farmed V’s Wild Salmon

Generally speaking, all the Atlantic salmon available for sale is farmed. Of course, you might be lucky enough to go fishing in a Scottish river and catch a wild one, but you won’t buy wild Atlantic salmon in the shops.

The salmon you can buy in the shops including supermarkets and fishmongers is generally farmed Atlantic salmon. There are other varieties of salmon including Pacific, Chum, Sockeye salmon which can be wild, but Atlantic salmon is farmed.

What Is The Best Alantic Salmon?

Atlantic salmon is farmed in net pens. Open net pens allow water to circulate. However, water quality is heavily affected  by pollution. Pollution is generally in the form of waste from the fish. This can build up if the fish pens are in a closed body of water such as a loch. Fish reared in polluted water and in overcrowded conditions will often need antibiotics included in their feed to remain disease free.

Fish reared in the open sea such as our Faroe Island salmon can be reared without the use of antibiotics simply because there is low pollution because of a constant flow of clean water.

Strong sea currents around the Faroe Islands means the fish have to swim hard compared to a fish reared in a sea loch. This ensures a lean muscular fish as close to a wild fish as is possible to rear in captivity.

In this type of salmon, you won’t see big white ribs of fat between the muscles. This is a fish which has large succulent flakes and a rich buttery flavour which comes from just the fight amount of fat.

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