Salmon with Soy, Honey And Lemon Glaze

Delicious and quick, our salmon with soy, honey and lemon makes a great light lunch with salad, or more substantial suppertime meal with new potatoes and veggies.


Our top grade salmon fillet

Knob of butter

Crushed garlic clove or garlic puree

2 desert spoons honey

2 desert spoons soy

3 desert spoons lemon juice

How to cook

Add butter to the pan and add garlic. Sautee till garlic is soft.

Add the honey and soy sauce and add the lemon, stir over a low heat till mixed.

Add the salmon fillet and cook approximately 3 and a half minutes each side. Avoid moving the salmon around or turning it over more than once.

If the glaze looks like it is thickening too quickly, add a couple of tablespoons of water.

When cooked, the glaze will have reduced and become sticky, coating the salmon well.

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